Largest Slot Game Winnings Of All Time

Largest Slot Game Winnings Of All Time

The largest slot game winnings of all time was $39,713,982.16 on a Megabucks machine in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The player who won the money was a 64 year-old homemaker from Northern California named Janette. She claims to have been playing slots for over forty years and this is her biggest win ever.

The Megabucks machine takes between $1 and $5 per bet, with a maximum of 40 credits at a time on each spin. There are two separate reels that pay out independently of one another. A single jackpot game on an online platform like this can be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars! Even though all three reels on this machine had only single bar symbols on them, which is one of the lowest paying symbols in the game, it added up to an incredible amount because there were so many pay lines.

In order for this win to be paid out in full Janette had to agree to take it in three installments over the span of 21 months. Even though she could have won it all at once, she decided that making three smaller payments was much more manageable for her situation. While the bulk of the money will go into savings and mortgage payments, Janette stated that she would use some of the winnings to spoil herself with a trip to Hawaii.

It was nearly six years ago when another player, also from Northern California named Michael, hit a similar jackpot on the same Megabucks machine in Las Vegas. His total prize came out to be just short of $39 million, which made him an instant millionaire! He took his winnings in one lump sum payment before taxes. Janette is hoping for a similar outcome after the tax man has his cut of her prize money. 

Also, in 1983 another California resident named Rodolfo won $11 million on Megabucks after playing it for just one day. He took the full lump sum payment that year and spent most of it in less than three years! After all was said and done he was left with only $300,000 to show for his winnings.  He had so many misfortunes in life after spending all of his money, including having to go bankrupt, being robbed twice, divorced by his wife who also robbed him when he was sent to jail, and even dying from cancer when he couldn’t afford the treatments. He died penniless at age 57 in 2007 with most of his winnings already long gone.

Even though there are plenty of stories like this, it doesn’t stop anyone from playing slots. One Las Vegas casino owner has even publicly stated that he would rather have a $1 million slot machine winner than one who won $1 million on table games because they will be back to play more and lose it all!